I met my boy friend online on an amateur nudist photo sharing site. He took my interest because he had some of the hottest and artistic shots of himself in some unusual places. I started to correspond with him and we ended up meeting for a fun weekend and ended up forming a relationship with him over time, that started with long distance visits for 2 years, where we would go on different adventures on the weekends I’d visit him. Till he moved to the coast and moved in with me. We both enjoyed being naked and having fun, and using our time together to camp and get naked and take shots of the places we go.

I’ll add pictures and stories as I go. I only want to share some pics here and not ‘trade’, what I post is what I share, and I hope you enjoy what we do. Your comments are appreciated and I hope they inspire you to take your own great pics of your sexual life and share them for all. !!

Picnic in the Pecan Nuts

Playing in the Bike Shed


This is the dress my boyfriend loves me wearing, and especially without panties. On a sunny day, you can see right through it!!

Funnily it didn’t stay on very long and these fashion parades always end with my dress either pulled up and me on the floor getting some hot loving.


A few blow job shots from some of our stays out west and at home on holiday fun.

Wind Blown on the Rocks Pop

Wind swept on the rocks, naked and enjoying the view

Well hello there sexy! would you like to come and play?

On top of the World!

Hiking naked in the bush, having fun, that’s what life is all about.

Having fun by the river,

this is an outfit Aussieman

bought me for some role play

On our travels, we’ve been in a lot places. I’ve taken him to some really secluded spots which is hard to find and he’s taken me to his rare finds … summer is nearly here again and we’ll look for more!!!

You have to push the boundaries of life, find ways to get a thrill !!

I like to raise peoples eyebrows,

Life is short and we should live without regrets

Smell the roses before we’re pushing them up!”

I like to do my fair share of FLASHING on our Travels…


  1. This is absolutely fantastic, you are both beautiful and I wish we had the opportunity to be free with ourselves like you both are here Cxx

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