Show Us Some Arse!!

G’day fellow nudists!! I’d just love to let you know, I’m a lover of fine male arses!! I find on most amateur nudist web sites, guys forget to show us girls some ‘booty’.. You should look at it like ‘tits or arse’ guys. Us girls too like to see some arse with sausages and eggs.

When you’re lining up in the mirror to take a shot next time. Try adding another angle to your repertoire of shots and add that rear view shot .. I appreciate it and I’m sure there’s other girls out there that love a great arse too!!

I apologize if you’re from the world of “ASSES”. I just don’t like calling an ARSE, a donkey.. Here in Oz, our language allows us some variations, and what ever you want to call it, I still want to see it!!

This is my boyfriends fine arse. !! I hope you like it as much as I do !!


By Lix

Life Be In It !!

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