The Internet Purge

I’ve been noticing a lot of sites are purging pics?? I’m not sure why. I did see that tumbler was one and just recently ‘pornhub’ deleted all amateur adult content, another site I used to use, also has many members up in arms over content being deleted without reason and most times their pics are within the sites rules.

I had many pics deleted on the site a few years ago and had my profile frozen because I questioned it, and now while reading forums, I see its happening again and at a harsher rate than before..

Now sites are putting in moderators to censor added content and putting a delay on the pics being posted until they have been passed by moderators and if they’re deleted, no one has to give a reason. It’s creating disharmony on sites that were once user regulated and on the most part, were not anything different to what they had already posted.

Have you had this happen to you recently? and on what site did it happen? I’m interested in finding out how you felt if it happened to you and what did you do about it? Ive also read in forums and other places that this has a lot to do with the billing companies, but there is no reason given to the actual reason of ‘why’ this has happened all of a sudden and for what reason.. It’s like the net is becoming very censored and I’m sure will be pushing people to join the ‘dark web’ to find what they’re looking for in future.

Let me know what you think about this if its happened to you also!

By Lix

Life Be In It !!

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