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I’ve spent the best part of 6 years on another site, where I met my current boyfriend and we’ve shared our meeting and our sex life since meeting. Since it was time to move on and start a new page somewhere else, this is where the google search directed me when I asked for an amateur porn posting site.

After meeting online, we met in person and started dating. We stayed in motels for weekends and went on camping trips all over N.S.W. Visiting regional areas and finding secluded spots where we could get naked and connect with each other.

The world has changed a lot since meeting and becoming a couple. We have a great sex life together, and want to show a few pictures.

Aussieman187 and Lix

We are lucky to live near the most wonderful mountain, with stunning 360 degree views. It was a very isolated spot until recently and now we have to share it with more visitors, who have found our little piece of paradise !

Some pop art of me on a wind swept beach

Hope you like the pics, I can’t remember the program I used to make them, but they look great and I thought I would share them with you!

I cant wait for summer or at least spring to come.. We should be able to get away for a weekend some where away from the crowds.

I bought a new teepee type of tent mainly for the mosquito net, so we can camp under the stars without being eaten by they mozzies .

Camping is pretty basic for us. We fit most things into 2 tubs and we add a tent and esky and we’re gone!! All the parks are shut now with lock downs and I was thinking now would be a good time to go, while everyone was bunkered down . There is something about the smell of a camp fire and poking it with a stick.. It has a magic about it, that pulls you in..

By Lix

Life Be In It !!


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