Show Us Some Arse!!

G’day fellow nudists!! I’d just love to let you know, I’m a lover of fine male arses!! I find on most amateur nudist web sites, guys forget to show us girls some ‘booty’.. You should look at it like ‘tits or arse’ guys. Us girls too like to see some arse with sausages and eggs.… Continue reading Show Us Some Arse!!

The Internet Purge

I’ve been noticing a lot of sites are purging pics?? I’m not sure why. I did see that tumbler was one and just recently ‘pornhub’ deleted all amateur adult content, another site I used to use, also has many members up in arms over content being deleted without reason and most times their pics are… Continue reading The Internet Purge

Who Likes Fisting?

Is anyone into it?? have you done it??? Here a some pics from one of our sessions. Its hard to take pics and keep up with the action. But thats part of the fun I guess!!

Lix Blog

I’ve spent the best part of 6 years on another site, where I met my current boyfriend and we’ve shared our meeting and our sex life since meeting. Since it was time to move on and start a new page somewhere else, this is where the google search directed me when I asked for an… Continue reading Lix Blog