Welcome to My Blog

I’m new here and will be stumbling all over the place, so please be patient with me and hopefully I will get the jist of the place quickly.

I come from a small country town on the east coast. I met my boyfriend on a porn site 6 years ago, he’s 23 years younger than me and we have taken and shared pics of ourselves for all those years.

We now live together now and still take a few pics when the urge hits us, and hopefully will be out taking more when all the lock downs are over and the parks are opened for camping.

This is where I’ll share most of my pics, it has a good format I feel for showing them off, you don’t have to open them, they’re all on scroll down pages, showing you what we do while we’re out about on weekends and exploring new places.

Hopefully this is a warm and welcoming site to newbies and I hope to find some new pen friends from all over the world *lix*

By Lix

Life Be In It !!


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